Change of Format

As you may have heard, the Governor announced that CUNY and SUNY will be in an instructional recess from March 12 to March 18 and then beginning on the 19th, we'll be online for the rest of the semester. In addition to the Slack channel that I created, I have a Zoom account that I will use to set up virtual meetings. We won't need to have a virtual meeting each week, but it will give us an opportunity to interact with each other as we work through Python coding and your visualization projects.

I think this is a prudent course of action and I hope that all of us (and our loved ones) stay healthy during this unusual time for the city and the university.

We'll use the course site to interact in lieu of in-class meetings. Check the course site daily for more information. I will create programming exercises to do like the activities we've done in class. I would ask that you share your Colab notebook or upload your Jupyter notebook as a comment to the page in order to participate in those activities. I'll comment on your code and I encourage you to comment on other students' code as well. In addition, I'll continue to post the weekly "outside of class" assignments. Please email your notebook or link to me directly, as we've done. We'll do these assignments in coordination with Serena Bellesi and her team at IBM to the extent that we can. Finally, I will set up occasional Zoom meetings which you can join with audio (computer or phone) or a/v so that we can continue to interact as a group. I'll post the meeting information on the course site a week in advance so that you can plan your calendar.

I will extend virtual office hours on the course site to cover the in-class meeting times: Mondays and Wednesdays, 11AM to 12:15PM.

We're in this together. Let's do our best to make it work!